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Alternative Healing -Dispensaries DOWNTOWN LA HEAVEN ON EARTH ALLIANCE 4703 S. Broadway, Los Angeles -90037. Mon -Wed: 8am to 10pm. -----Thurs -Sat: 8am -11pm Sun: 10am -10pm *** Veterans 10% OFF First Time Patients FREE 1 & 1/2g with an 1/8th donation EXTRA GRAM HAPPY HOURS 9am -11:30am & 4:20 -6pm! Walk-in’s welcome • Professional & Courteous Care 323-238-7974 3 8th’s 5gram 8ths Buy Get 1 FREE for all new patients while supplies last MIDTOWN FIELD OF GREENS 323-424-3050 High Quality Cannabis & Edibles. Field of Greens is located at 5226 Pico Blvd & Cochran BEST TOP SHELF SELECTION -DAILY DOGO STRAINS Open Mon-Sat 9:30-8pm Sun 10:30-7PM -FARMERS AND GROWERS ARE ALWAYS WELCOMED-Handicap, disabled & senior discounts FREE JOINT SUNDAYS N. HOLLYWOOD T.L.C 818-752-8420 11436 Hatteras St., North Hollywood. Located in the TLC Eldercare Center. Daily Specials! Bring in 3 canned goods for a free sample with any donation! Awarded BEST Valley Collective 5 Years in a row! Pre-loaded Hash Oil Pen $100 64% THC -Portable -Re-fillable Pure Co2 Hash Oil re-fills available for any pen Our oil extraction method is the cleanest around. The future is here! Check out the website now! -(213) 924-3002 $5.00 GRAMS Find us on $ Happy Hour Prices 4-7pm 2323 BEVERLY BLVD LOS ANGELES 90057 For New Patients 35 25 $ For Renewals WITH LA WEEKLY AD ONLY/ONE AD PER PATIENT THE DOCTOR Bring 3 and get yours free, bring 2 and get a free card HOURS: 11 AM TO 8 PM MON-SAT 12 NOON TIL 8 ON SUNDAY 213-483-1400 FIRST TIME PATIENTS -FREE 1 & 1/2g with an 1/8th Donation 24-HOUR VERIFICATION must bring in ad to receive discounted prices (LIVE AND ONLINE) OPEN SUNDAYS WE DO CULTIVATIONS Check us out on or In strict compliance with CA Prop. 215 & S.B.420 EXTRA GRAM HAPPY HOURS 9am -11:30am & 4:20pm -6:00pm Veterans & Students 1439 N. Highland Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90028 Cross Street Sunset (323) 463-2222 (323) 463-5000 11am–6pm OPEN 7 DAYS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE All patients are seen by a California licensed MD -medical board requirement. HOLLYWOOD MON -WED: 8AM -10PM • THURS -SAT: 8AM -11PM • SUN: 10AM -10PM 323-238-7947 • 4703 S. BROADWAY, LOS ANGELES, CA 90037 10% OFF SONA PATEL M.D. The Last Doctor Standing You’ve seen the billboards. You know the face. But what you didn’t know is that she’s out there fighting, fighting for your rights. We all know about the abuses of the CA SB420 law and the travesties committed upon innocent patients. Patients who quite fairly, have found solace in the benefits of medical cannabis. For over 8 years, Dr. Sona Patel has been fighting not only for the recognition of medical marijuana as legitimate medicine, but for the protection of its State laws against ever-encroaching Federal authority. To this day, she fights tirelessly in the name of her research and maintains that Medical Board regulations must be respected by physicians providing such prescriptions. As one can imagine, this isn’t an easy practice. In fact, it may be one of the most stressful, if not legally complex. But over the years, Dr. Patel has shaped her practice in numerous ways. She’s refined her training techniques, perfected her method, and carefully screened not only her staff, but every physician she calls colleague. When questioned or scrutinized about her provocative marketing techniques, Dr. Patel told us that “Like any other CEO of a competitive business (especially in today’s economy); everything is the name of competition. I have the right to fight for my share of the market just like anyone else.” But providing the best service to patients with a knowledgeable and well-trained staff, as well as with on-call attorneys and a 24-hour patient verification system, comes at a price – a price that Dr. Patel refuses to push onto her patients. In fact, her new patient and renewal fees are amongst the lowest in the industry, and she confirms that she wouldn’t have it any other way. “My patients come first” she tells us; “They are my strongest supporters; the voice that keeps me fighting.” So, in a field that has threatened to put her out of business several times, Dr. Patel shares with us the methods that put her at the top of the list. Justly titled “The Last Doctor Standing” (with the Medical Board as well as State and Federal authorities closing doors for most practices), Sona names several specific pillars which she attributes to her success. “It can be for a variety of reasons. I’ve seen cases of ill-informed staff (who have no oversight as to the input of patient data into record systems) to secretaries and non-licensed doctors who have no authority or formal medical training to diagnose a patient. Occasionally, you’ll even find more egregious violations such as doctors sending patients to statistical dispensaries, sometimes even providing medication directly to patients.” This is why Dr. Patel has kept a rigorous method for training her employees. So much so that many of her staff tell their stories with pride. A new employee states that in her first week, instead of being in the office, she was forced to shadow and study with Sona’s attorney. “She wanted to show us what could happen to our patients if we weren’t on top of our game. She wanted us to see how the system takes advantage of patients due to social disregard of marijuana as viable medicine. And I guess she wanted us to see it happen in court, not read it from a pamphlet.” Dr. Patel makes sure that her staff is not only informed about the legalities regarding marijuana, but also with the medical benefits and biological specifics of its use. Her book A Guide to Medical Marijuana can be found on the nightstand of each of her employees, all of which are expected to maintain its lessons and to be well-versed with the material. “I don’t hire my employees to print papers and process payments; I hire them to understand and appreciate what we are doing. Which at the end of the day, is treating people.” For more information about Sona Patel or where to find one of her clinics, go to or call (818) 794-9269. | / OCTOBER 5-11, 2012 / LA Weekly ( 287 )

The Doctor

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